Oh please! She calls herself a Guru?

Before you unleash that snark attack, I'd like to make a key point: I don't claim to be a social media guru. My guru-ness is about all things new, from the droolworthy to the drek, from pipeline to product launch. It's about what's next; what's soon to incite a frenzy or earn an epic-fail. It's about 20+ years of working with giant global brands, startups, agencies, small businesses and personal brands. It's about inspired customer insights and knowledge of technology. Are you still choking on your chai with outrage? I offer you this: a free 15-minute consultation on what's next for your company. Then you decide: Guru of New or not?

Of course you're not an E-Hole. But you may know someone who is. Find out for FREE here.

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Going loco over naming your company? Try the new .CO.

10 Reasons To Hire The Guru of New

The next new thing is my thing. I create and ideate for companies from start-ups to global giants. By the time you read this today, you've already used at least 7 products I helped divine, design or refine.

If you're like 67% of the site visitors we surveyed, you're wondering: But what does all that mean for me? What can you do for my business? That's why we asked a sampling of our smartest clients to list their top reasons to hire the Guru of New. Here are the winners:

  • Market research. Companies like Microsoft and Yahoo are fans of my focus groups, ethnography, Girlfriend Groups, social intelligence and customer experience labs.
  • Creative consulting. Especially name, messaging, tagline, and concept generation. #1 hiring reason for big CPG brands like Kraft, Gillette, Ralston, Clairol, Pepsi, Chanel, Estee Lauder.
  • Facilitating. Companies love our innovative Lab 360s.
  • Social marketing strategy. Especially Pinterest and emerging visual tech platforms. Prized by big retailers and Mom-centric brands.
  • Brand personality development. Including online reputation guidance. The preferred hiring reason for 78% of personal brands and small businesses.
  • What's New? Opportunity Audit. Preferred by clients who want to get to the future faster.
  • Content development and strategy. From web to mobile, including device-driven apps (iPad, tablets).
  • General sparkiness. No nonsense, anti-BS, life-is-too-short approach. Also fun at football games and dog parks.
  • The New Publishing. E-book development (including writing) plus social selling strategy. Without being an e-hole.
  • Speaker and Social Media Trainer. Interactive. Inspiring. Words banned: empower, disruptive, change agent.